-Sophia Sharma

Have you ever thought about what kind of systems we as humans prefer- A Chaotic System or A Cohesive System? The obvious answer that comes to mind is that we prefer a cohesive system because we see mostly such systems around us in all walks of our lives. We as humans have spent countless number of hours of our lives bringing structure to the world around us to make more sense of it.

But when we think of an organization, isn’t the choice of system contextual on which stage of growth the organization is?

Why Chaos?

When the organization is…

First principle thinking is the scientific questioning of various preconceived statements, which are generally assumed to be scientific. It does not assume preconceptions and biasness in its approach. It allows one to construct a solution bottoms-up, starting with the fundamental pieces.

For instance, there is a common conception that most people cannot afford electric cars as they are expensive. First principle thinking refutes this notion as battery of electric cars can be made from cost efficient resources.

Likewise, many budding entrepreneurs tend to believe that all the best start up ideas are taken. First principle challenges this biasness in concrete…


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